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Travel Blogging or Junk Blogging?

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I read a lot of travel blogs, and lately, as travel blogging becomes more mainstream, it seems that an overwhelming majority of the so-called “travel bloggers” post frequently only to keep their blog “active”, and not necessarily because they have anything useful or informative to share with their readers.

Even a picture would be nice.  But they keep coming out with new articles that makes one wonder if they’ve been outsourced.

Not that they don’t contain any useful information, but the amount of junk posts on those blogs is too high.

What do you think?

Picture of the Week #17


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A beautiful temple in Konkan.  Konkan is the kind of region anyone can fall in love with, especially when the monsoon rains paint the entire landscape green.

Picture of the Week #16

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The beautiful Tshoka village (Population: 2, Altitude: ~9000 feet) in West Sikkim, India.  This picturesque village, nestled in the Himalayas, is primarily used by trekkers as a stop-over point on way to/back from the famous Goecha La pass trek.
What an ideal honeymoon location this would make!  Too bad one has to undertake an arduous 10-12 hour trek to get there… I don’t think anyone would have this kind of exercise in mind for their honeymoon.  hah