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Observations from GO Train Commuting: A Satire

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I wrote a post on my observations from Myanmar/Burma after traveling all over the country.  I thought I will do something similar for Canada seeing as I live here.  However, I’m limiting myself to what I’ve observed while commuting to work.  I take the “GO Train” to downtown Toronto everyday to go to the office.  It’s a 20 minute ride.  Here’s what I have observed 90% of the commuters are doing in the train:

Picture of the Week #27

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The magnificent Halong Bay in Vietnam!  This natural wonder of 2,000 limestone islands spread across an area of 1,500 sq km. must be seen to be believed.  I took an overnight cruise of the bay and loved every minute of it.  I also swam and did kayaking.  This would also make an ideal honeymoon destination for those planning.  It’s a magical place.  I love it!