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Video: Bharari on YouTube!

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Over the last few years we’ve collected several videos from our travels that we think will make an interesting feature on our site. The videos range from a villager playing an unusual musical instrument called the ‘Pungalya’ to appease the Dongri Dev (“Mountain God”) in a remote Indian village, to the Organ playing at St. Joseph’s Oratory (photos | video) in Montreal.

But first, we would like to debut a video that we think ‘Bharari’ is all about – Taking Flight! The video is a slideshow of photos from our travels played to the lyrics of a medley of songs from the Hindi movie ‘Udaan’, which also means “bharari”. Our guests who don’t understand Hindi can still enjoy the video as we’ve included captions in English on many of the photos.

Road Trip: Rocky Mountains

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In a week’s time we’re heading for a reclusive retreat in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. We’re flying to Calgary in the western province of Alberta and then renting a car to go to the mountains.

It is very unfortunate that due to a lack of competition in the Canadian airspace, it is often more expensive to fly to most destinations within Canada, than it is to fly to the US or Europe. However, since neither of us has seen much of the country that we call home, we’ve decided to see what Canada has to offer.

Review of TomTom XL 335 SE (GPS)

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This is not a paid or sponsored review.

For our recent Canada Day weekend road-trip to Montreal, I was advised by my friends to purchase a GPS before hitting the road. They said my printouts of directions from Google Maps will not do in Montreal as their roads and highways – not to mention the French names – are confusing for visitors and therefore it is easy to lose your way.

TomTom XL 335 SE - GPS

We heeded their advice and purchased a TomTom XL 335 SE GPS (4.3″ screen) from Wal-Mart before leaving Toronto for CAN$148 + 13% tax.