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Nagaland – Adventures in the Land of Nagas – Connecting to rural Nagaland (Part 4)

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Exploring Nagaland was like unfolding secret pages of India’s treasure book. It felt like going back ages & watching a live museum in the era of hunting and farming. It was a real discovery of breathtaking and untouched natural beauty, a preview of hidden and unknown Indian traditions, supreme quality of people and their hospitality.

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No calls, no messages...just hopes!

No calls, no messages…just hopes!

Kohima to Kiphre is almost 10 hours journey but bus route is very scenic. Its all mountains and we pass through many small villages like Pfutsero, Jessami, Phek. At every stop there were some children and village people selling fruits and vegetables. As we could not get proper lunch we thought of buying some fruits. We thought will do some bargaining. But unexpectedly it was so cheap that we thought of paying more than its price. We could get 20 sweet and fresh guavas for just for Rs.10 and the same case with bananas. 200% value for money! We took some quick snaps with those shy kids and moved ahead to next destination.