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About Bharari – what’s in a name…

In our mother tongue, Marathi (spoken by over 90 million people), Bharari means “taking flight“. We felt that Bharari (pronounced like “Ferrari” with bh sound) is an appropriate name for what we plan to do -to fly off from our comfortable nest to explore this wonderful world.

Bharari - Taking Flight

Our site will feature…

It is not our intention to make this site into an online journal of our day-to-day activities.  We think of this site as our labour of love.  The aim is to document our personal experiences – based on the places that we see, the things that we experience, and the people that we meet – from our point of view.  One of the primary aims of this site is to keep us motivated to follow through with our World Tour plans.

Have a look at our Media page for a selection of our articles and interviews that were published in global newspapers, magazines and other websites.

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About Neeraj & Bhakti

Neeraj was born in a small town in India 200km northeast of Mumbai.  He spent his most impressionable years in India – climbing trees in his backyard and biking to ‘far-off’ places (far enough to scare his mother) – before moving to Toronto.

He holds a degree from the University of Toronto and has worked in the Financial Services industry.  In September 2008, when Lehman Brothers had just successfully collapsed, Neeraj quit his full-time employment to take his traveling, trekking and mountaineering passion to the next level.  He spent several months in India, during which he traveled the length and breadth of Maharashtra state and completed many challenging treks, including a trek to the base of Mt. Kanchendzonga, which was the 3rd highest peak in the world (and still is!).

He returned to Toronto in January 2009 and learned a few first-hand lessons in global macro economics whilst searching for ways to make money (i.e. searching for a job) at the peak of recession.  Destiny had other things in mind.  He filed his income taxes for 2008 and got a handsome return, which he used to fund an extended tour of Southeast Asia while the world suffered its worst economic slump since the Great Depression. He is proud of the fact that his spending stimulus helped the travel industry to recover from its lows.

From late-2009 to mid-2012, he worked hard as an Independent Risk Management Consultant on various Capital Markets projects. During this time, he met and fell in love with Bhakti and made the biggest “risk management” decision of his life …  they got married on December 28th, 2010!  They honeymooned in Malaysia and Myanmar and made several smaller trips after that, the best ones being a summer road trip in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and spending Christmas 2011 in Mexico City.


After successfully implementing his last project in mid-2012, he took on some additional risk and booked a one-way ticket to India for himself and his wife. They backpacked extensively in the northeastern part, covering the “7 Sister States”, as well as Druk Yul – the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan – dubbed as the last Shangri-La.  Their experiences and adventures were out of this world to say the least!  He also took the opportunity to take his wife to Anandwan, Somnath and Hemalkasa – all are social projects under Baba Amte’s Maharogi Sewa Samiti umbrella.  They returned to Canada just before Christmas.

He is also an avid reader and writer, and enjoys watching movies.


True to her name, Bhakti, meaning devotion, is devoted to the people she loves and cares about. She is exceptional in her field having won several awards and trips from her company, as well as awards in academics. In her spare time, she creates handicrafts and hand-made greeting cards, which are a work of art.

Bhakti’s hard-working and down-to-earth nature has won her many friends, well-wishers and admirers where ever she goes.  A born artist, she has drawn applause for her singing and poetry. She is currently continuing her education in Indian Classical singing.

Bhakti is now the backbone and the voice-of-reason in Neeraj’s life.  Together, all they wish for is to live happily ever after.

Well, that is it for now. Only this is the beginning!


Moments are transitory … memories are forever.

Have a look at the He Says, She Says article, about what Neeraj says about Bhakti and what she says about him.

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  1. Hi there, and nice to meet you!

    It’s funny, we went backpacking around the same time. We also left in November 2008 and came back a few months later (different area of the world though, we were in Latin America). And I’m just coming back from South-East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand).

    Glad I’m not the only Canadian traveler around 🙂

  2. राम राम मंडळी!
    मुंबईतुन टोरोंटोला अालेल्या भटकया जमातीतल्या, त्यातुन मराठी, लोकांना बघुन खुपच अानंद झाला. लवकरच भेटण्याचा प्रपंच करुया म्हणजे प्रवास वर्णनं ऐकता येतील. 🙂
    Priyank recently posted Finding El Chico- hits and misses

  3. @Zhu- thanks for stopping by! I’ll have to check out your Latin American posts… that’s on our list 🙂

  4. @Priyank- राम राम!
    हो भेटायला पाहिजे – टोरोंटो मधेच राहतो का suburbs?

  5. Nice to meet you, guys 🙂

  6. While reading about Hemalkasa on the net, I went through your article on Hemalkasa and just loved your website. Now i have added this web to my favourites tab. 🙂

  7. Hi Bhakti & Neeraj,

    You have an awsome website. I am still browsing it.

    I wish all your dreams about visiting exotic places come true.

    Neeraj – as much as I know you, your actions speak more than words. Your pictures depicting different moods of a common man, visiting Anandwan and many others show that you care. This is really a rare quality in today’s self centred world.

    Now Bhakti is with you and it is nice to see that both of you work in harmony. Cherish it and be staunch representatives of all ‘bhatake and vimukt’ in the world.

    Swapna Kulkarni

  8. Wish you all the best for your adventures 🙂

  9. Hi Dear,
    This is Suchit basically Mechanical engg but also a artist.
    its a nice site actully I also written a book in marathi as tital Bharari.
    my wife Sneha chemical engg & also a nature lover & writter.
    can you please tell kme on what adress i should post our articals to you,
    for your expert guidance & our improvement.

  10. Hi Niraj and Bhakti.
    good project. Let Bharari touch the Asman. entirely good too read.
    i wish I was young and join you guys on these breathtaking experience. Good luck to you. more to read.

  11. Hi Bhakti

    Its Awesome and Lai Bhari site . Its Good to read about your experience. Take a very high BHARARI and Best Of Luck For Future

    Ketan Manisha And Nishit

    • Thanks Ketan,Manisha and Nishit
      We will make sure that you will get something entertaining and informative to read and watch.


  12. dear Neeraj & Bhakti,
    The site is full of info and snaps.Pl keep it up.Update and keep the site live.Long Live BHARARI…

  13. Nongothung Kikon says:

    its intrestin reading your uploads..

  14. veerdhaval and supriya gandhi says:

    खरच सांगू का नीरज आणि भक्ती , तुमची website पाहून खूप चांगले वाटले , अरे एवढे करून देखील तुम्ही आपल्या मराठी मातीशी अजून देखील जोडलेले आहात . आणि हा तुझी website मंजे खरच एक खजिना आहे , फोटोंचा आणि माहितींचा . आणि प्रत्यक वेळी तुझे updates वचने हा एक सुखद अनुभव असतो . तर तू कायम ती updates आमच्याशी share करशील हीच अपेक्षा ठेवतो .

    • Thanks वीरधवल आणि सुप्रिया

      कौतुकाने पाठ थोपटायला कोणीतरी हवंच 🙂 तुमची प्रतिक्रिया वाचून खूपच छान वाटलं आणि प्रोत्साहन देखील मिळालं. यापुढेही तुम्हाला काहीतरी मनोरंजक आणि माहितीपूर्वक वाचायला मिळेल याची काळजी आम्ही नक्की घेऊ.

  15. Dear Neeraj/Bhakti

    Went through most of your blog. It was an awesome experience. What gives me pleasure is the life loving attitude that i experience at every word and sentence.
    Can we explore making an ebook out of the marathi part in this? We are in the field of Marathi ebook publishing and you can know more about us from

    Thanks a lot for sharing the link of your site.

    Sunil Samant
    Team eSahity

  16. Rashmi Shete says:

    Dear Neeraj and Bhakti,

    The web site is wonderful, we all liked it very much. keep “BHARARI” live long with flying colors.

    Happy Journey for the upcoming adventure.

    Thanks for Providing a Guide line of us all.

    Best Wishes.

    PRNS Shete
    Prasanna Rashmi Nisarg Shristi

    • Thanks Rashmi vahini.
      We will make sure that you will get interesting and informative articles to read.
      We will need your feedback on our output.

      Bhakti and Neeraj

  17. vegalech ahat re tumhi dogha….great to see you both like this…mast website ahe tumchi..

  18. Roshna Jaid says:

    hey guys ………………… u r really …….. different ……………. ur attitude towards life wow i love it …… I wish u both all happiness ……………..keep it up 🙂

  19. Pratibha says:

    Dear Neeraj & Bhakti,

    Got to know about u guys from Roshna, just going through ur website and its amazing. You guys really enjoy life in a different way. Keep it up. My best wishes !



  20. shrirang says:

    are va mast ahe ha….:)

  21. Hey Bhakti/Niraj,

    Pleased to see that you are following your instincts….and the creed of is growing. The best thing is you are offering your help through your articles for the creed to grow..!!!

    Wish you the best in life.

  22. Shailesh says:

    Hi Neeraj,
    I read your reports on Anandwan and Hemalkasa and i must admit they are few of the best articles i have ever read. Its a pleasure to know a person like you. Please share your personal contact details on my email id.

    • Hi Shailesh,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read those articles. I spent a lot of time and effort writing those and I’m happy to know you liked it. The idea is to spread the word on Anandwan and Hemalkasa.

      I’ll send you a mail separately that will have my e-mail ID.


  23. Hi Neeraj and Bhakti,

    Excellent work on your website. Keep writing & updating…

    I am sure many friends and relatives must be referring your well narrated travel experience.

    We happen to have common hobby of travelling around the world.

    Nandini & Ramesh

    • Yes, indeed we have traveling hobby in common. I’m sure you’ve a lot of interesting stories to tell from your travels in Africa and India.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  24. Please add yourself on TripAdvisor under facebook account to know about 26 countries and over 200 major cities we have visited around the world.
    Cheers, Ramesh

  25. Deepali Kasargod says:

    Simply beautiful and awesome website.

    thanks for the wonderful website and information.


  26. Samir Hardikar says:

    Neeraj & Bhakti,

    Realy touching experience & information from both of you.

    Just like to share with you that i am taking a group of 23 people from Mumbai to Hemalkasa & Anandvan on 11 April 2014.

    You can give your advice/suggetion to us.

    Samir Hardikar.

  27. after long time i checked ur website… aani ha bharari logo….ekdum genuine ahe….
    ha logo real vatato…very correct chioice….bakichya logon sarakha mechanical nahi vatat…

  28. arre me actually tya top right hand side chya picture baddal bolato ahe…. birds flying and all..

  29. Hey Thanks Rohan.

    Are me draw kela ha logo. Bara vatala vachun ki tula logo awadla 🙂

    Ata ajun navin kahitari karanyacha prayatna karen.

    Thanks a lot again for appreciating!

    Keep in touch.


  30. hi bhakti n neeraj,

    excellent website…full of info…and most important it has lot of personal touch.

    keep it up..and please update me whenever there is new post.

  31. Nandini Bapat says:

    Hi Bhakti and Neeraj,
    Today for the first time I browsed through your blog. It is really very interesting and informative. Yet to read lot of things. We have travelled around the world but never have written like this. I wish you both best in your future adventures..keep it are truly ” awesome twosome”…Nandini

    • “Awesome Twosome”? – hehe thanks – I like it!

      It’s difficult to write while on the road, and then when we get back home it’s difficult to find time to write with all the activities in our daily routine. I guess I’ll have to save some of my writings for when I retire!! hah

  32. Hi Neeraj & Bhakti,
    Guys you both are doing great work. superb fan of yours.
    i too enjoying your website..its very informative..
    keep it up.
    its my pleasure to know the people like you.

  33. indrajeet says:

    Hello Neeraj and Bhakti ,
    Like you both ,I have a tract record of travelling ,mostly within India .Have been to Anandwan and Somnath back in 1982 ,stayed for a week , met Baba Amte ,Tai and their family.Became so inspired that I offered myself to join MSS full time ( I am medical doctor ) but Baba advised me to go back and fulfill my family obligations first.I was 35 yrs then.
    I want to travel even today but the direction of my journey has taken a U turn , changing by 180 degrees ,which is to say that instead of travelling outward , now I want to travel within.
    I know by now that if I can reach this destination within ,which is forever waiting at the core of one’s being ,my wander lust will be quenched for ever.
    Meanwhile I wish you both happy travelling ahead and good luck in whatever else you are doing


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