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Video: Bharari on YouTube!

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Over the last few years we’ve collected several videos from our travels that we think will make an interesting feature on our site. The videos range from a villager playing an unusual musical instrument called the ‘Pungalya’ to appease the Dongri Dev (“Mountain God”) in a remote Indian village, to the Organ playing at St. Joseph’s Oratory (photos | video) in Montreal.

But first, we would like to debut a video that we think ‘Bharari’ is all about – Taking Flight! The video is a slideshow of photos from our travels played to the lyrics of a medley of songs from the Hindi movie ‘Udaan’, which also means “bharari”. Our guests who don’t understand Hindi can still enjoy the video as we’ve included captions in English on many of the photos.

You may notice that some of the photos are from our, now concluded, Picture of the Week series. Perhaps it would’ve been more appropriate to use photos of the places we plan to visit in the future, but we opted to use our own pictures to give this video a personal touch.

Since this is a new feature on our site, we would very much appreciate your feedback.

See our Videos page for more clippings from our travels.

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