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Sometimes in April: A Visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial


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In September 2015, we went to Kigali, Rwanda en route to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and no trip to Rwanda is complete without visiting the Genocide Memorial.  The seeds of hatred between the Hutu and Tutsi people being shrewdly planted by European colonists (Belgians in this case) during the Colonial era ultimately resulted in the genocidal killings of the Tutsi people – starting in April 1994 – in which nearly a million people were killed by Hutu militias in a mere 100 days.

The text below is from the Kigali Genocide Memorial and we bring it to you here to give a glimpse of the horrors that Rwanda experienced – not so long ago – while the world silently watched and did nothing to stop.  It is worthwhile to note that some of the most “civilized” nations, such as France, United Kingdom, Belgium and the United States, sold arms to the killers.

Je suis Rwanda, anyone?

Happy Holi!


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Happy Holi...From Africa

Happy Holi…From Africa