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Road Trip: Rocky Mountains

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In a week’s time we’re heading for a reclusive retreat in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. We’re flying to Calgary in the western province of Alberta and then renting a car to go to the mountains.

It is very unfortunate that due to a lack of competition in the Canadian airspace, it is often more expensive to fly to most destinations within Canada, than it is to fly to the US or Europe. However, since neither of us has seen much of the country that we call home, we’ve decided to see what Canada has to offer.

Do Svidania: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…

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I’m leaving for my trip tomorrow. I’m quite nervous, anxious, scared and don’t feel like going anymore. I keep telling myself this is supposed to be fun and exciting. Going away for an extended period of time, as I am, I feel a bit overwhelmed. I felt the same way before going to Southeast Asia last year for the first time. But that was only for two weeks; this time my trip is more than twice as long. Another factor adding to my anxiety level is the fact that my plane lands in Bangkok at midnight. It would’ve been much better if I was reaching Bangkok during the day time. Anyhow, like last time, it promises to be an excellent learning experience and an adventure to remember.

Beyond Rangoon: Myanmar and Laos

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Temples of Bagan (Myanmar)

Temples of Bagan (Myanmar)

“Add life to years rather than adding years to life.” – Baba Amte

So far, the year 2009 is shaping up to be the year of uncertainty for me. We are now into May and I’ve yet to find employment. My most promising lead has fizzled out after four interviews since February; the position was put on hold for now.

Having said that, the job market is improving. I suspect the recession is coming to an end. Most global stock indices have rallied over 20% since bottoming out in early March. Stock markets are leading indicators of the economy and they rally well before we get confirmation that the recession is indeed over. Similarly, the markets had started dropping well before we knew we were in a recession.

So, after over three months of looking for a job, do I still think that the risk of quitting my job and going travelling was worth it? The answer is a definite yes. There were some things I wanted to do while I’m still young and I consider myself fortunate to be able to do it. Things like solo backpacking in Southeast Asia, travelling in India, trekking in the Himalayas, and mountaineering. Since when is it wrong to set goals and getting them accomplished? I just happened to have some non-career related goals at the time.