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A Poem by Swami Vivekananda


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When I Asked God for Strength
He Gave Me Difficult Situations to Face


When I Asked God for Brain and Brown
He Gave Me Puzzles in Life to Solve


When I Asked God for Happiness
He Showed Me Some Unhappy People


When I Asked God for Wealth
He Showed Me How to Work Hard


When I Asked God for Favours
He Showed Me Opportunities to Work Hard


When I Asked God for Peace
He Showed Me How to Help Others


God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted
He Gave Me Everything I Needed


– Swami Vivekananda

We Seek Your Blessings…

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Today is a very special day. It is the beginning of something very special. So on this day, we seek the blessings of Goddess Saptashrungi.

The image above was seen on Nhavi killa.

Reactions on Social Media to ICC World Cup 2011 Final’s Match!

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This is no April Fool’s joke – India won the ICC World Cup 2011 final’s match against Sri Lanka today!

A National Holiday was declared in India for the pinnacle of sporting event, which was watched by over a billion people all over the world live on television (and probably millions more on the Internet). After beating Pakistan on March 30th, this was just icing on cake for India.

One didn’t even need to watch the match to know what was going on. The reactions being posted on social networking sites as the game progressed were akin to live commentary and showed the emotional involvement of the fans. The buzz just exploded after India won the Cup.

I wish I could have been in India to experience the energy of the crowd… the electrifying atmosphere – There’s No App For This!

To the uninitiated, nothing brings as much patriotism and emotion in Indian people as cricket (not even such topics as politics, corruption, or Pakistan and terrorism). It is often said that cricket is India’s religion! Cricket is the only thing that brings together people as INDIAN instead of Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Bihari, Gujarathis etc.

Here’s a sampling of the buzz generated on Facebook. See if you can follow the match and get a sense of the tension and excitement!