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Club 18-30 Malia Holidays: Your Epic Itinerary

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This is an advertorial article by Catherine.

Ooooooo Malia, great choice! And you’re considering Club 18-30, I see? Wise one, you are! There are a million and one reasons why booking Malia holidays with Club 18-30 is going to be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life, but sometimes all you need to do is let the week speak for itself.

When you book Club 18-30 Malia holidays, you’re putting you and your mates in the hands of the meisters of Malia madness. Not only will your booking promise that you get into the best events, day and night, you’re also gonna get little perks thrown in such as wristbands and photo CDs of your holiday.

On Club 18-30 Malia holidays every single night is Saturday night. Party rocking from Monday to Sunday and back again, is exactly what you wanted and is exactly what you’re going to get. Your week is jammed with an epic itinerary of events and activities. Geek Chic, Silent Sunday, boat parties, water-park parties, pool parties, parties, parties, parties… life just got pretty bloomin’ fantastic.

When you touch down in Crete, you can guarantee the weather is going to be as beaming as your holiday belly. Temps are well up to and beyond 30 degrees Celsius during the height of summer, which is spot on for making the most of the beautiful beaches out there.

There’s no need to fuss too much over the finer details of your stay, your club rep will have done all the hard work, piecing together an immense timetable for some serious shenanigans.

Chill out in the mornings, head to boat and beach parties mid-afternoon, the pool and the water-park  before checking out the strip for the likes of dubstep Dirty Love, and some crazy house carnage. €1 on your wristband from 10 PM to 12 AM, says get out early!

Club 18-30 Malia holidays, you know it makes sense.

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