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Discovering Tenerife’s Oldest National Park

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Created in 1954, Teide National Park is the island’s oldest and most famous park, which was established to help protect and preserve some of the wonderful sights that are found within its boundaries.

It’s undeniable that one of the most striking and impressive sights on the island of Tenerife is Mt. Teide. This soaring summit, crowned by snow and ice, is actually a sleeping giant. It’s a dormant volcano that’s the highest peak in Spain, and is responsible for much of the way the island looks today. Its last eruption was in the late 18th century, but it has a long and violent past that contributed to some of the island’s most stunning – and most dramatic – scenery.

The volcanic nature of the Canary Islands means there are a long list of intriguing, unusual and downright bizarre landmarks. Among them, the famous Roques de García rock formations are a must-see. These odd-looking pinnacles jut out of the ground at strange angles, and some of them appear to stagger in a top-heavy fashion – like Roque Cinchado. This famous rock formation has become an emblem of Tenerife and was even printed on bank notes. These unusual rocks are the remains of ancient vertical lava flows and, backed by the dramatic view of Mt Teide, make a memorable visit.

According to the official Spanish tourism site, there are many rare and indeed unique plant and animal species that call Teide National Park home, with an incredible array of plant life including ‘Teide broom’, the ‘guanche rose’ and silver thistle. Over 700 types of insects have been recorded and many lizards, along with impressive predatory birds and mammals.

It’s fair to say that Teide National Park is a hive of activity, and with so much to see and do, this spectacular place is well worth a visit. Head to Tenerife[dot]com if you’re looking for quotes for hotels in Tenerife, either close to the park or further afield. You’ll find a wide range of accommodation to suit various tastes and budgets, and some cracking locations too.

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