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Happy Mahashivratri!

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Today is Mahashivratri – “The Grand Night of Shiva”.

This Hindu festival is celebrated to commemorate Lord Shiva’s marriage to Goddess Parvati.  It is believed that on this day Lord Shiva manifested himself in the form a Linga.

Shiva, the destroyer, is one of the three main Gods in Hinduism.  The other two are, Bramha (the creator) and Vishnu (the preserver).  Shiva is also known by his other names – Shankar, Mahesh and Natraja.

Very soon, we will be releasing our first Photo Essay, which will feature pictures of some unknown yet beautiful Shiva temples, Nandi bull (Lord Shiva’s ‘vehicle’) and Shiva Lingas from all over Maharashtra (India) and even Cambodia!

Happy Mahashivratri!

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