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Hello, World!

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“Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.”
– Irene Peter

Hello and welcome to our new web site –!

After countless hours spent working on our new site, the moment for its launch has finally arrived!

Bharari, which means to “take flight” in Marathi, will be a showcase for our experiences from traveling the world.  The site will feature:

  • Articles, in English and Marathi, from our experiences from traveling to new places all over the world
  • Weekly “Picture of the Week” photo series
  • Photo essays on specific topics
  • Reviews and recommendations of movies that we enjoyed watching; books that we enjoyed reading; as well as reviews of other products/gear/gadgets that we use and recommend
  • Our future travel plans

We have some other features in mind, but those will only be revealed when they are implemented. 🙂

So why the name change from Don’t-Forget-Your-Passport! to Bharari?  Most of the traffic to our site was channeled by search engines, and many people had come to our site while searching for the TV show, “Don’t Forget Your Passport”, from which the name of our site was inspired.  Nobody likes coming to a site they are not looking for, regardless of how compelling the content is – and that is primarily why we started brainstorming for a new name.  We felt that Bharari is an appropriate name for what we plan to do, i.e. Dream, Fly and Discover!

We’re launching this site now in spite of it not being “100%” ready.  We felt that if we wait for the site to be ‘perfect’ before launching it, then it may never happen.  As such, do expect a few changes over the coming weeks.

It is not our intension to make this site into an online journal of our day-to-day activities.  We think of this site as our labour of love.  The aim is to document our personal experiences – based on the sights we see, the food we eat, and the people we meet – from an independent traveler’s point of view.  One of the primary aims of this site is to keep us motivated to follow through with our World Tour plans.

If you like our site, you may bookmark it, and/or subscribe to our RSS feeds (posts | comments).  You may also follow us on Facebook.

While you are here, take a look at our Picture of the Week series.  A new photo from our travels is published every Friday.  Please also leave us with your feedback.

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Posted by:Bhakti and Neerajon March 06, 2011

5 Comments to: “Hello, World!”

  1. Looking good. I’m also in the process of transferring to wordpress. I’ve had it up to here/there with blogger and its limitations. It’s just taking so so long, but I guess worth it in the end.

    You can hire me for graphic design if u want. My portfolio includes doing work for the popular site, or you can check out my FB photos (latest ones).

  2. I need the logo done.. I’ll buy you a coffee 🙂
    The work will involve building the logo from scratch and not just touching up an existing logo/image… we’ll talk.

    Gimme your detailed feedback man…

  3. 🙂 The important bit is if you guys like what you’ll have- then the rest doesn’t matter. Happy new blogging!:)
    Mee recently posted Animals of the Desert- Jaisalmer

  4. The site needs some improvement/fixing, but I like it so far. She says she’ll like it after some ‘enhancements’ 😛

  5. LOL…go ahead and make her happy!:)


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