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I Will Never Forget… Moments from 2010

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I’ve been wanting to write about the moments that I will never forget from 2010 (2009 is here). I know it is March already, but better late than never. 2010 was quite an eventful year for me. Not in terms of traveling to new places like in 2009, but in terms of life changing events. There were some good moments, some bitter-sweet ones, but without a doubt, it was the most memorable year of my life.

So without further ado, here are some of the moments from 2010, which had a deep impact on me, and some were just fun like the G20.

Having fun photographing the chaos during the G20 weekend in Toronto!  That was the best (most eventful) weekend in Toronto’s history. The picture above is from the Saturday of the G20 weekend when a lot of vandalizing occurred and a few police cruisers were burned down, including one at an intersection just steps away from my Downtown Toronto workplace.

The Sunday of the G20 weekend was a lull compared to the previous day. Police surrounded everyone (95% people were like me who were only interested in taking pictures and witnessing the action that Toronto doesn’t normally see, and 5% were actual protesters) at a major intersection and put them in a detention center. I was lucky to get out of the intersection before it was completely surrounded, or else I would have spent a night in jail. In the end, due to subway closures, I ended up walking 3 km to my car in a heavy continuous downpour. I removed all my wet clothes in the car, got all the water out, and put them back on. Oh, what a day it was!

Meeting Bhakti for the first time.

One Day in Mumbai: visiting the Gateway of India; taking a short cruise in the Arabian Sea; taking our time for lunch at a restaurant just to stay in the A/C until the sun went down a bit; spending some quality time with my loved one at Marine Drive with the sound of crashing waves and a touch of rain (my dream come true)!

Listening to ‘bin tere … koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere’ on our way to Aurangabad from Pune. It is now one of my favourite songs.

Monsoon trek to Raireshwar with my future wife, where I gave her the engagement ring. I still remember shivering due to the strong winds and rain as I struggled to take the ring out of its plastic bag wrapped box in my backpack without letting her see it. The next thing I remember is seeing how happy she was.

My official engagement to Bhakti.

Visiting Walkeshwar – I had been hearing about this place since the days of playing Vyapaar (Monopoly) in the late 1980s.

Spending an evening at Girgaon Chawpati (beach) in the rains.

Watching Inception with my fiancée.

Eating Natural’s mango ice-cream in the back of a classic Padmini taxi on the way back home.

Fun on the Giant Wheel at midnight during navratra!

Feeling an overwhelming energy during the reading of the mangalashtaka as Bhakti and I were standing on the opposite side of the antarpat. It was a symphony of emotions. That feeling was something which was unconceivable for me to even imagine at the time. For me, it was the defining moment of our marriage ceremony. Kis taraf hai aasam, kis taraf zameen khabar nahi…

Moments are transitory, but memories are forever…

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