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Best Weekend Getaways from Toronto: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City


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Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Parliament Hill, Ottawa

“The nearer the better!”

“Friends in need are the friends indeed”

“Love triangle”

“Three Stooges”

For me, all these phrases define Ontarian’s all-time-and-all-seasons favorite trio destinations which I call “M-O-Q“, i.e. Modish Montreal, Orderly Ottawa and Queenly Quebec!

Satisfy your little cravings on the streets of Mexico


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Whether it’s the boat noodles in Bangkok, steamed dumplings in Shanghai, or the first time you bite into a warm crepe in Paris, street food often captures the memory of a moment better than any pristine restaurant experience can ever aspire to. A first choice for best street food locations in the world is Mexico City, where ‘antojitos’ are ubiquitous, sold from stalls and marketplaces open in the morning and evening to those hoping to keep hunger at bay with a tasty treat. It’s important to know what to ask for when you head out on a delicious adventure on the streets of this vibrant city; here are some key dishes to help you in the absence of a menu and a maitre d’.


We’re Sorry for the Inconvenience – NOT!


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Toronto’s Front Street near Union Station has been dug up for construction for years now causing much inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians alike. The marketing and public relations gurus of Carillion, one of the leading construction companies given the responsibility of “making tomorrow a better place”, couldn’t have come up with a more politically correct “apology” to the people of this city for the grief their construction work has caused them than this:

The most politically correct apology

The most politically correct apology

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