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Picture of the Week #100 – Series Conclusion!

We clicked this at Lake Ontario’s Port Credit near Toronto on an early summer evening. We’re not sure what kind of bird this is, but it, along with many others, were seemingly practicing to “hover” in mid-air and then flying off with a whirr.

This photo and the others below are the best we could find to conclude the almost 2-year long Picture-of-the-Week series, particularly because they epitomize us. The birds showcase Bharari!

The hovering birds entertained us long enough to think that nature is amazing!

The sky’s the limit? No, the “limit” is actually in our mind.

Another seagull flying over Lake Ontario.

Seagull flying over Lake Ontario with Toronto skyline in the background.

Ek udaan kab tak yuh kaid rahegi… roko na, chod do usey… (loosely translates to “how long will a wish to take flight be imprisoned… don’t try to stop it, let it go…”)

That’s us – Neeraj and Bhakti – pursuing our dream… we’re off to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta in late August.

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