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Picture of the Week #32

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As you can see, this place by the Tonle Bati lake (near Phnom Penh, Cambodia) is truly romantic.  The way to get to a hut is by walking over the narrow yet sturdy plank with almost nothing to hold on to.  Many couples come here for a romantic getaway on the weekends.  Seeing as I had come here on a weekday, I was the only one here at that time.  I had a nice lunch in one of those huts and my tuk-tuk driver ensured that I over-paid for it.

In my travels to both, Cambodia and Burma (Myanmar), I’ve noticed how all the locals team up to get the maximum money out of a tourist.  For example, a bus driver will tip off hotel touts of having “foreigners” on-board when it pulls into a depot.

In spite of being massively over-charged for the few hours that I spent here (my itemized bill had over a dozen different charges), I loved every minute of it.  They charged me for everything imaginable, such as:

  • Bath towels that I did not use
  • A swimming tube that I did not use
  • Beer that I did not drink

I’ve now learned my lesson to always ask and negotiate the price before doing anything.  In any case, I would love to come here again some day…

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