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Picture of the Week #78

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This is the beautiful Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  I had first seen this magnificent monument on Discovery Channel and thought how nice it would be to see this in person.  A few years later, in 2008, I went on my first ever backpacking trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Did you know that Angkor Wat was originally…

… a Hindu temple, which was later converted to a Buddhist temple?  The main central part of the temple is supposed to represent Mt. Meru, which is the sacred mountain believed to be the abode of the Gods.

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Posted by:Neerajon February 25, 2011

4 Comments to: “Picture of the Week #78”

  1. Nice!:) Didnt Angor Wat and its surroundings remind you of India? Except for them crazy claw roots that have literally outgrown the ruins. Some stunning pictures I got frm there too:)
    Mee recently posted Animals of the Desert- Jaisalmer

  2. Yes, everything about Angkor Wat is Indian. Complete stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata are carved in 100m+ walls of the temple. It’s pretty awesome. Sounds like you’ve been there? Nice.

  3. Un joli temple du bâtiment! Magnifique photo!


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