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Picture of the Week #80

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What a well-organized kitchen she has!

I absolutely loved her kitchen and the rest of her home. This is in Udhewadi (also known as Rajmachi village) near Lonavala.  The village is situated at the foot of Shrivardhan and Manoranjan forts, which we had come to climb.

Rajmachi is a popular 2-day trek for people living in Mumbai and Pune, as it is right in the middle of the two cities. It was my first ever trek and I absolutely loved it … the heavy monsoon rains, waterfalls, mountain streams, whistling birds – everything! I walked a total of 40km over 2 days and when I returned home I found out that my feet were bleeding and I didn’t even know.

Unfortunately, the place is slowly losing its charm as rich city people are snapping up properties in this area. People who do this trek every year said the trek is getting shorter each year as paved roads are getting closer and closer to this beautiful little village. This is the sad reality of all the “good” places in India. Land developers are as greedy as ever and it now seems impossible to stop this rampant and unchecked development.

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