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Picture of the Week #86

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What a beautiful twilight as seen from Nhavi killa in India. However, getting here was no walk in the park. When I was there I was thinking to myself, “what did I get myself into?”

We climbed all the way to the top on the steep grassy and rocky slopes without any climbing equipment.  It was an exhilarating experience.  And quite a scary one too.  But you will never guess why?!

Because of monkeys!  And lots of them. In fact, they were aggressively stalking us and even attacked us. When we reached the top, a buddy of mine was carrying a bag with some food in it. A large alpha male monkey walked right up to him and charged. In the ensuing panic he dropped the food bag on the ground and my head lamp fell off the cliff (lucky it wasn’t me!).

After stealing our food, the monkeys left us alone for a while as we toured the top while they enjoyed a feast. However, when we began our descent, they started following us. We took one step, they took two.  There were around a dozen or so monkeys and all of them were quite aggressive. It was an intimidating sight.  The way down was narrow, steep and dangerous.  We had to go down in a single file.

I was 3rd from last and I was sort of panicking seeing the rabid monkeys following us at twice our speed. A friend of mine, nicknamed “SLR”, who was at the very back was quite worried about his SLR camera. He passed his camera down to safety and only then could he concentrate fully on getting himself down safely.

The monkeys left us alone once they were assured that the intruders (us) were leaving their territory. What a relief that was!

Moral of the story: monkeys are not “cute”, they are rather dangerous!

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