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Picture of the Week #98

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In light of the latest terrorist attacks on Mumbai on July 13th, 2011, we at Bharari would like to showcase the resilient spirit of the people of Mumbai (Mumbaikars), which gets tested over and over again. We think Mumbaikers define the term Life Goes On.

Mostly, their resilience has come about due to a feeling of helplessness. What choice do they have? Mumbai is where they livework, and … die.

The little bare foot “marathon girl” above shows what life in Mumbai is all about – fast!

This is for the people of Mumbai.

To live and die in Mumbai, its the place to be…

Mumbai is not just the financial capital of India, it is also the City of Hopes and Dreams for millions of Indians. For those willing to work hard, Mumbai offers plenty of opportunities.

Marine “Queen’s Necklace” Drive, as seen from Girgaon Chowpaty. Marine Drive is a place where Mumbaikers – rich and poor – come to relax by the sea after a hard day’s work.

Mumbai … you are in our prayers.

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Posted by:Bhakti and Neerajon July 15, 2011

10 Comments to: “Picture of the Week #98”

  1. looks like this spirit is mis-used by everybody when it comes to action against terror! mumbai has now become the target of all whimsical maniacs who counts them as a terrorist!
    sandeep recently posted Lights, Action … Camera …

    • It’s not just the people in Mumbai that have this “spirit” – it’s all Indians. It could happen in any city and what choice do the people have? Govt is obviously incapable of protecting its people (or rather they don’t want to for political reasons).
      Neeraj recently posted Picture of the Week #98

  2. beautiful images…!!!
    magiceye recently posted 13jul11 – Black Wednesday

  3. I love the second picture!

    Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach is fairly similar, old and rich stroll the sand and play ball.

  4. I am tiring of the word spirit:( – pls dont think I am critical of this post. No, far from it. I completely know the intent behind this post and hence salute it.

    This city is crying for help, no one is paying any attention. Bombay is slowing sinking. No one is willing to give it a helping hand.

    Wars in ME and Africa see rape as a weapon of destruction on women and children. Its ghastly. Is Bombays plight any better?

    70% of Bombay lives in slums, the same people who actually mobilize this city- do we even care if they r given proper infrastructure, hygienic conditions for a decent living?

    Bombay is the highest tax paying city in India, does the squalor and ugly blgds complement that status?

    There is so much wrong happening in this city, that people have gotten numb. People are so disillusioned that they live in fear of when will the next terror strike take place again, and will it be me the next time…

    A city that has given much to India- is now looted, plundered, left to die a slow death. The only way out – either the Govt wakes up and in sincerity invests in Bombay or the people of the city help themselves!
    Mee recently posted Never late to look destiny in the eye (India vs Sri Lanka)

    • I was having second thoughts on using the oft-used words “spirit” and “resiliency”. We forget that Mumbaikers have no choice but to go on with their lives in spite of the terrorist attacks… it is not out of their spirit or resiliency.

      God knows when the govt will wakeup and take care of Mumbai as it should… I guess it will be up to the people of Mumbai to do something for their beloved city (lekin itna sochne keliye waqt hai kiske paas)…

      • I am currently in London, and this city has seen rioting in Tottenham over the wkend, which has left many speechless. There is simmering anger against rising prices, lowering of living std’s, joblessness despite education, state of dragging economy and such, the world over…

        Bombays latent anger is no different from London

        Both are helpless people, looking to earn a decent days income to run their families.

        Am not sure who or what or why things are going wrong- but the feeling that it is likely to explode with unimaginable repercussions is smthg I know will happen- riots, bombing, etc are mere symptoms…

        • It looks like the rioting in London is leading to many opportunistic crimes. What does it say about the values of people who are supposedly fighting for their cause? Look at how people were behaving in Japan after the tsunami and how things are in London.

  5. Am not justifying the london riots, merely pointing out to the “simmering within”- some express it thru criminal arson (like london)- some continue to simmer (like in japan)- but one day, sooner than later- it will look for an avenue to explode. Who is prepared? Can we ever be prepared?

    • I agree, sooner or later all the pent up energy/frustration is going to come out in some form (speaking of Mumbai) and there will be hell to pay… but I hope that the people who really deserve to get punished get punished rather than just innocent people suffering.


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