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Picture of the Week #99

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Following a Hindu marriage, it is customary for the newly married couple to get blessings from their ancestral family deity by visiting their temple. After our marriage, we visited the temple of Tulja Bhavani, around which the town of Tuljapur has been built. Tuljapur is located in the state of Maharashtra in India.

There are many interesting cultural things and people to see in Tuljapur. Seen below is a member of the Gondhali community of Maharashtra in their traditional clothes.

They are known for …

… their Gondhali dance, which is performed to appease Gods and Goddesses.

Gondhali dance is usually performed after important (Hindu) religious festivals and ceremonies.

Green bangles are the trademark of a married Hindu woman. Bangle sellers, typically men, are abound in Tuljapur as many newly married couples (including us) come here to seek the blessings of Tulja Bhavani.

A “mobile” bangle seller.

The bangle seller helping a lady find the right size bangles for her hand.

Devotees of Tulja Bhavani often give a sari to the Goddess. Those saris are sold by the temple authority for a nominal price. We purchased a few saris and donated those to the needy people. We believe helping others is truly the best way of seeking God’s blessings.

A street-side dahala (Bengal Gram plant) seller – it’s delicious!

Devotees often purchase haldi (turmeric – yellow colour), kumkum (red colour) and lahya (white colour) for the Goddess. Kumkum is typically applied to the forehead – it is considered sacred for married women. Haldi is used as spice and as food colouring. Lahya are edible.

This lane leads to the Tulja Bhavani temple. The vendors here sell all types of offerings for the Goddess.

Bola Tulja Bhavani cha udo (Praise, Goddess Tulja Bhavani)!

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