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Reactions on Social Media to ICC World Cup 2011 Final’s Match!

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This is no April Fool’s joke – India won the ICC World Cup 2011 final’s match against Sri Lanka today!

A National Holiday was declared in India for the pinnacle of sporting event, which was watched by over a billion people all over the world live on television (and probably millions more on the Internet). After beating Pakistan on March 30th, this was just icing on cake for India.

One didn’t even need to watch the match to know what was going on. The reactions being posted on social networking sites as the game progressed were akin to live commentary and showed the emotional involvement of the fans. The buzz just exploded after India won the Cup.

I wish I could have been in India to experience the energy of the crowd… the electrifying atmosphere – There’s No App For This!

To the uninitiated, nothing brings as much patriotism and emotion in Indian people as cricket (not even such topics as politics, corruption, or Pakistan and terrorism). It is often said that cricket is India’s religion! Cricket is the only thing that brings together people as INDIAN instead of Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Bihari, Gujarathis etc.

Here’s a sampling of the buzz generated on Facebook. See if you can follow the match and get a sense of the tension and excitement!

>> Moments Before the Historic Match at Wankhede Statium, Mumbai…

Prathyush V: As said on Wednesday, 1.21 billion fans are waiting for India to win the world cup after 28 long years, common India, You can DO IT 🙂

Gauri H: 🙂 :)_:) 🙂 Pakdo Catch, Jeeto Match!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gooooo India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Chetan V: It’s the final countdown …..

Abhijit P: India has to bat second, oops!I am nervous! touch wood but they should restrict srilanka within 220 to 230chasing more than that will be a big trouble!


Rohan S: bola har har mahadev !!!!!!! the WAR begins !

Abhay R: Let the fireworks begin!

Pranav D: CHAK DE! Let’s go INDIA!!!

>> Sri Lanka Bats First…

Nitin D: Out tharanga

Prathyush V: out

Prathyush V: here comes the cheater

Nitin D: Got him

Prathyush V: hammayya

Nitin D: This was a no doubt a BAKRA!!

Pradnya KJ: Zaheer is kicking some serious ass!! Come on boys!!!

Nitin D: We need Sanga’s wicket. He can be pain in the butt!!

Apoorva Y: high time v got a wicket man.v need these two to goooooo

Pratima T: wake up India….this is the final, play like champions…

Ajay P: Got sanghkara!

Ajay P: Yuvi!!! Yuvi!!

Nitin D: Its a day for Sachin, Sehwag & Yuvi today.

Mukta R: India is gonna win world cup………………….yipeeee

Pratima T: Aaloo boil ho rahe hain….planning to have a special breakfast for the 11 boys…only if they play well… come on India

K.Ganesh H: i told an nayana,priya,monu,kirti,vinay,aarti…that next over sangakarra will give catch….gaya na jo bole so nihaaallll….

Pratima T: good decision Dhoni…..agar experiment hi karna tha, toh Tendulkar ko pehle bulana tha na…

Prathyush V: bring zak

Pratima T: the lady in the crowd who has covered her face…. maybe had called in sick from work..

Apoorva Y: i hate jaywardena n his hyper wife!just send the lankan WAGS away

K.Ganesh H: Got a call…..the 4th wicket goes in next 10 minutes…..and its confirmed….

Prathyush V: Dhoni, what the hell is happening, hope you are not thinking like ganguly did in 2003

Prathyush V: Simon, you’ve gone wrong this time..

Pradnya KJ: Yuvi is a freakin king!!

Pratima T: much needed…. yes, one more down

Pradnya KJ: Whaaaaaat??? Zaheer is my king 😀

Pratima T: wrong decision..i think he was out

Apoorva Y: this mahela hs to hs to hs to goooooo

Pratima T: sixer???are you guys kidding me?

>> Half-time (Sri Lanka has a respectable total of 274 runs for 6 wickets)

Nitin D: Is this a tough total to chase?? Time will tell…

Nitin D: Last 5 overs may cost us the World Cup…

Prathyush V: Dhoni, hats off to ur weird decisions, similar to how Simon Taufel had gone wrong, you’ve also proved wrong..

Prathyush V: India was playing with 9 players and SL with 13 (sreesanth and Dhoni) 😀

Nitin D: The match is not until its over. If Lankans had not made this score, how you expect Sachin to score hundred on this day 🙂

Nilesh K: I hope Zaheer, Srishant, Munaf and Bhajji can take us to victory… Remember.. Last time the tail burnt Lanka 😉

Prathyush V: 7 batsmen, will they make history ??

Apoorva Y: i dont know wat to think guys.pata nahi kya hoga…….let our collective prayers back them

>> India Starts with a Whimper…

Ganesh B: Sehwag… you let the nation down! 🙁

Apoorva Y: GOOOOOSHHHHHHHHH.shal v start preparing ourselves mentally for the worst?????n he hs wasted a review also

Prathyush V: The downfall starts

Prathyush V: Looks like Sachin has to fight to win the WC, team is not even thinking of giving this as a gift to the true legend

Nandan K: for sachin to make that hundred or rather stay on atleast.. Sanjay manjrekar has to go offff commentary ASAP please god.. He’s soooo manhoos…


Rajesh P: Srilankan body language makes me think we are going to win!!!

K.Ganesh H: Gautam Bhai…kya hua???

K.Ganesh H: Tension nahi lene ka…tension Deneka…..

Pratima T: OMG!!! what is wrong with us?

Nilesh K: No no no no no no no!!!!! Damn no!!!

Nitin D: Thats Tendlya last ball at the World Cup…

Sachin P: complete chutya pa

Ganesh B: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings… I hope!

Nitin D: Lethal Lasith may take away the WC from us….yenadda rascalla…

Apoorva Y: my betting msg did say sehwag will b out in the first over but tendlya ws supposd to score 95.guess the betting hs gone for a toss

>> Being Cautiously Optimistic…

K.Ganesh H: Darrr KE Ageeee….JEETH Hai….yes We will do it…..

K.Ganesh H: Aaj….VIJAYDASHMI… HAI…..

Prathyush V: Another cheater on the cards, Randiv comes on. Famous in India some time back for bowling a no-ball that denied Sehwag a ton.

K.Ganesh H: Bhagwan ne sunnn liyaaa….Catch Miss ho….gaya…

Pratima T: we can’t afford to play like that…. thank God, the catch was dropped

K.Ganesh H: lgaaaa Chowka…bhaut ho gaya baaap…abb chakkaaaa.ka intezaarrr hai…

K.Ganesh H: Ringannn…me le lengeee….Srilanka..ko…Chall…Indian Team…Srilanka..ka bhi Bill banoooouu….

Shree P: Go India go! Hopeful now cause when sachin goes, the others play!

>> Tense Chase with Around 100 Runs to Make in 100 Balls…

K.Ganesh H: I think Srilankans..are been paid to drop catches…….

Pratima T: we can’t afford to play like that…. thank God, the catch was dropped

K.Ganesh H: Puja…Break…..hang on……Nearing 100……..Guys,…and girls…Cheer UP……comon…..TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE……

Nilesh K: 111 off 110!!! Can we do it!!!!!!

Nitin D: Is India marching to victory??

Saurabh A: Watching The India Vs. Sri Lanka Match…. never thought it would be soo much fun :D!

K.Ganesh H: Guys….i have already….removed the crackers……No one is STRONGER than all of US:…we will GET…it,We Deserve IT,We Will FIGHT for IT…..

Nitin D: Ram janma bhoomi kicking Ravan’s lanka..

Nitin D: I told u all many times…this is the 3rd Revenge…Lanka has to go home empty handed. India is the superpower…even in Cricket!!

Pradnya KJ: Come on Gambhir, praying for your century!!

Pratima T: oh, no!!!! I am speechless….he is out at 97

>> Moments Before the History-Making SIX that Clinched the WORLD CUP…

K.Ganesh H: aur ek….aaaj Vijaydashmi…..manaaana…tho hai…..aaj Sita maaa….ghar aayeeegii….

Ganesh B: its csk vs mumbai indians all over again. and malinga is getting schooled 🙂

Prathyush V: 11 more runs needed to lift the WC

K.Ganesh H: 21 more in 21….balls….chal out nahi hai…..faltu time pass…..

Nitin D: Indiaaaaaa Indiaaaaaaaaaaa

Chetan V: Very close to the History!

Rajesh P: Why do I feel that mallinga is playing from Indian side ?

K.Ganesh H: chowkaaaaaa…..kaisa laga??????

Prathyush V: few min away from the success

Ganesh B: Man of the Match to Dhoni, Man of the Series to Yuvraj. Respect.

K.Ganesh H: chowkaaaaaa…..kaisa laga??????

Ganesh B: This is the over that decides it.

K.Ganesh H: Daaane Daane pe likha hai khaaaneee waleee ka naaam…..CUP pe likha hai India ka naaammm…..yes its ours….

K.Ganesh H: Aaabbbb….mila mera chakaaa….aur do chaiyeeee…..bhai….Both are Singh….and King…….

K.Ganesh H: Yuvi…..Singh……YOu….are the King…..Singh…is King…….

Pranav D: SIXERRRRR!!! CHAK DE INDIA!!!!!!!!!! CRICKET WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!! My heart can’t handle this…

>> The Buzz After Winning!

Pratima T: Emotions running high…Team India -proud of you!!!

Ajay P: Tears….in my eyes!!!INDIA!!!!! INDIA!!!!!

Saurabh A: And India WINS The WORLD CUP!!!!!! 😀

Sushil R: India!

Bally T: WAY TO GO INDIA!!!!!

Yuvraj P: What a victory with 6 aweeeesome

Vrushak D: INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Nitin D: INDIA 2011 Cricket World Cup CHAMPIONS

Kamlesh K: We are the Champions!!!

Abhay R: World Champs!


K.Ganesh H: Aukaath…Kya Hai…Srilanka…Ki…..India ka map lene Jaaooo…tho…Unka map Free Milta…hai……

Mukta R: yipee indai repeated history after 27 yrs ……………sachin’s dream came true you india.

Nilesh K: ecstatic.. emotional …enthralled…. smile and tears hard to control…. INDIA WINS THE WORLD CUP!!!!! Proud of you Team India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prachi S: proud to be indian 🙂 time for celebration !

Pranav K: We smacked the Aussies We thrashed the Pakistani’s and then now we have buried the lankansINDIA the new world champions!!!!!!!!!!!!Chak de!!!!!!!!!

Ashutosh G: Well done team India!

Ganesh B: The Australian era comes to an end, and the Indian era begins.

Ashutosh G: 1996 avenged!! same opponent…similar run chase!

Pranav K: Anhoni ko honi kardeHoni ko anhoniEk jaga jab jama ho teenoRajni, Ghajni aur Dhoni . Ye… We Won.


Pranav K: Ravi shastri “if you want to know where the biggest party in the globe will happen, it’s just one place INDIA”
Chak de INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is going to be one of the most cherished moment of my life, our life 🙂

Praji P: I am not a cricket person… but I sat up all night to watch the match… Every moment well spent…!!!Congrats to Indian team and all Indians for winning the Cricket World Cup 2011

Dhiraj HN: Bara bajgaye lekin party abhi baaki……..
Dint see the match but goin on a highway drive to celebrate!!!!!

Mihir J: Dear @msdhoni, @sachin_rt @yuvsingh09 @virendersehwag : Thank u guys 4 bringing the glory that i was yearning for since 1996 No words 2 thnk

Shilpa S: Team INDIA u rock…what an amazing moment :)!!! Great job Dhoni.

Prathyush V: Mera Bhaarat Mahaan !!!!

Sayali T: India!

K.Ganesh H: Aaaj Diwali,Dusheraaa,Holi,New Year,Gudi padwa,Pongal,Ugadi,Baishaki…..Christmas..Id….manaaanaayeheeeee…..We have One Religion …Thats CRICKET……PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN…..

Abhijit P: yes we win the worldcuplong live india! again WORLD CHAMPIONS!

Pradnya KJ: Oooommmmgggggg were World Cup Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neelima SP: we won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hurrrrrrraaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!


Prathyush V: Jai hind !

Nitin D: Congrats to all Indians out there and to all Cricket lovers…this is quite emotional to watch 🙂


Sonali D: India wins the World Cup; Yippee!

Ashwin P: India is the world champion…history repeats itself after 28 years…Insane!!!

Pranay A: Unbelievable!! We did it!

Yuvraj P: Proud to be a INDIAN

Yuvraj P: Vroooom vrooooooom vrooommmmm vrooooooomvrooooooooooooom vroooooooooom vroooooooomvrooooooooooooom vroooommmmmmmm vrooooooooommmRiding my bike from my house till Shivaji chowk with India’s Flag in my hand 🙂

Shree P: India! INDIA! On top of the world!!!!!!!! The World cup is ours

K.Ganesh H: Always BE POSITIVE:….The CUP is,was,and will be OURS:….India….is GREAT…. Vande Matharam……CRICKET is OUR RELIGION:….

K.Ganesh H: Be positive….and We Are the STRONGEST…..its Proved…..Gautam,Dhoni,Yuvi……YOU ARE KINGS:…..

Chetan V: Superb Dhoni! It’s called as Dhoni Pachhad 🙂 Congratulations to everyone! Incredible Team India!

Prathyush V: India had previously lifted the World cup in the year I was born 🙂 and We had to wait for 28 long years to taste that moment again, Kudos to the team effort India, YOU’VE MADE US PROUD, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE INDIANS


K.Ganesh H: aaaj Diwali,dusheraaa,holi,new year,gudi padwa,pongal,ugadi,baishaki…..manaaanaayeheeeee…..aap log mere saaath hai…

Gauri H: used to always hear from others about the 1983 world cup…. but today experienced it…… all the fun..the cheering….the ups and downs during the match….screaming to the core…..i cant express myself…i was, i am and will always be proud to be an Indian!!! Congrats to the team :) :) last but not the least yyyyeeaahh yeeaaaahhh vvooppieee vooppieeee WE WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNn!!!! :) :) :) THE WORLD CUP!!!

Yuvraj P: Once again
Dhatad tatad dhatad tatad Dhatad tatad dhatad tatadDhatad tatad dhatad tatad Dhatad tatad dhatad tatadDhatad tatad dhatad tatad Dhatad tatad dhatad tatadDhatad tatad dhatad tatad Dhatad tatad dhatad tatadDhatad tatad dhatad tatad Dhatad tatad dhatad tatad

Pranay A: The 1983 world cup final was the first I ever followed a cricket match. We were at at family friend’s (HAL friends might remember Mrs Krishna R) place for dinner in Ahmedabad. My father was listening to radio commentary and explaining what it was about to me.

Akhilesh K: WAt a game n wat a win!! dedicated to all the 26/11 martyrs…So, this world cup saw Two great warriors end their ways..Ponting,one of the most innovative and great captains and Murali,King of Spin..I feel we Indians didnt give them a justified farewell…

Ganesh B: Vande Mataram!

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