Taking Flight…


We thought it would be fun to post reviews on our site, particularly of books we’ve read and movies that we have watched, albeit only the ones we liked.  Think of this as our recommendation list with reviews.

Neeraj initially got this idea when he was searching for a job after a short career break.  He used some of his free time (since searching for a job is almost a full-time job in itself) to catch up on all the great movies that he had missed up to that point.  However, he quickly ran out of “good movies” to watch and asked his friends and searched the web for recommendations.

He started making a note of all the movies that he enjoyed watching and wrote short reviews on it.  The idea was thus born.  The movies page is now a compilation of all the movies that we have enjoyed watching (not necessarily together) and these include movies from all genres and several different languages (English, Hindi, Marathi, Spanish and even Maya)!

Neeraj’s career break also allowed him to read several great books.  Since books and movies almost go hand-in-hand, we’ve decided to include book reviews on this page.

Although we are starting with book and movie reviews, at some point we plan on reviewing some of the products that we like and enjoy using.

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