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Satisfy your little cravings on the streets of Mexico

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Whether it’s the boat noodles in Bangkok, steamed dumplings in Shanghai, or the first time you bite into a warm crepe in Paris, street food often captures the memory of a moment better than any pristine restaurant experience can ever aspire to. A first choice for best street food locations in the world is Mexico City, where ‘antojitos’ are ubiquitous, sold from stalls and marketplaces open in the morning and evening to those hoping to keep hunger at bay with a tasty treat. It’s important to know what to ask for when you head out on a delicious adventure on the streets of this vibrant city; here are some key dishes to help you in the absence of a menu and a maitre d’.


These deep fried tortillas, sometimes called taquitos, are filled with delicious ingredients (chicken, avocado, pork or potato) before being rolled and deep fried to make a crunchy shell, then heaped with toppings like sour cream and cheese. Perhaps not exactly an exercise in healthy eating but they are nonetheless incredible.



In Mexico, these are usually served in a soft tortilla over the hard, deep-fried taco shells usually served up in the states. Ingredients (usually beef and a mix of garnishes) are chopped up on a wooden board called a tronco before being scooped into the taco. Remember: the early bird gets the taco, in Mexico City stalls often close by midday when they sell out.



One of the most ancient street foods on this list, tamale dates back to Aztec times, when these hot little parcels would have been filled with anything from flamingo to frog. Though the ingredients may have changed, the tamale is still widely enjoyed throughout Mexico today. Corn dough made from hominy is filled with pork or chicken, then steamed inside a corn husk or wrapped in plantain leaves, which are removed before eating.



A typically colossal Mexican sandwich which can involve flat-bread but is more commonly served on a sesame bun heaped with ham or some other meat and garnished with avocado, polenta and jalapeno. Look out for food carts selling them at big events, like football matches.

Of the thousands of stalls and taqueries where you can sample these Mexican treats, there are a few standout places to look out for. For the best tortas since sliced bread, try Tortas Been at República del Salvador, or commit street food sacrilege and sit in one of the many fine torterias dotted around the city. Los Parados serves up tacos grilled over carbon, and edges victory over the other vendors as it serves so late into the night. This vast selection of great food to taste makes Mexico one of the top holiday destinations for curious foodies. Holiday companies such as First Choice are well-established in Mexico, with most of their hotels located in the close proximity of some of the best food markets in the country.

So just remember when surveying the merchandise to look out for good hygiene and fresh-looking ingredients, and exercise some common sense when buying street food so your little craving doesn’t land you with a big tummy bug. Buen provecho!

Images by Justin TaylorAri Helminan and Alpha, under the Creative Commons license.

Author bio: Lisa is a 35 year old travel addict, who also loves to write. All this travelling has made her an expert in local foods.  She has visited 48 countries so far and has no intention of stopping until she has visited them all.

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