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Serengeti Migration – A Daily Phenomenon?


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Who says one needs to go to Africa to see the Serengeti migration?  Every city has its very own migration that occurs twice daily.  In the morning I’m a witness to, and indeed a part of, the thousands of people who spill out from the train and subway stations and rush to their offices in one of the tall office buildings.  Herds of people make their way to their offices in the morning and then back to the train and subway stations in the evening – it’s like the Circular Migration of the Serengeti that we see on the Discovery Channel.

Observations from GO Train Commuting: A Satire

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I wrote a post on my observations from Myanmar/Burma after traveling all over the country.  I thought I will do something similar for Canada seeing as I live here.  However, I’m limiting myself to what I’ve observed while commuting to work.  I take the “GO Train” to downtown Toronto everyday to go to the office.  It’s a 20 minute ride.  Here’s what I have observed 90% of the commuters are doing in the train: