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Thursday Challenge – A “Sign” of the Times

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We are pleased to take part in the weekly Thursday Challenge series organized by A picture related to a new theme announced each week will be posted here. Today’s theme is the “Signs”.

A sign of the times – this photo shows the challenges facing the world today – Global Warming.

The receding Athabasca glacier - a sign of the times

The receding Athabasca glacier – a sign of the times

Autumn, the Year’s Last, Loveliest Smile

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Autumn – It’s a time of the year when nature treats us to a symphony of colours. The changing colours of tree leaves, ranging from yellow to orange, are a real treat for the eyes. It is no wonder that numerous poems are composed in dedication to this magical season.
The photo essay is an attempt to capture the beauty of “fall colours” as seen in early October in Southern Ontario. The captions will help explain the science behind this wonderful phenomenon in layman’s terms.

Did you know that leaves are a plant’s food factory?

Road Trip: Rocky Mountains

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In a week’s time we’re heading for a reclusive retreat in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. We’re flying to Calgary in the western province of Alberta and then renting a car to go to the mountains.

It is very unfortunate that due to a lack of competition in the Canadian airspace, it is often more expensive to fly to most destinations within Canada, than it is to fly to the US or Europe. However, since neither of us has seen much of the country that we call home, we’ve decided to see what Canada has to offer.