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Video: Anandwan’s Shakuntala – The Girl with the Perpetual Smile


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“Give them a chance, not charity.” – Baba Amte

This is Shakuntala – the girl with the perpetual smile on her face – who lives in Anandwan. She is a victim of cerebral palsy by birth and cannot talk, walk or use her hands. Yet she will bring a tear in your eye when you see her beautifully threaded greeting card that she stitches using only her toes.

The always smiling Shakuntala

The always smiling Shakuntala

Here is a video of Shakuntala chatting with Mr. Pramod Bakshi, Guest Co-ordinator at Anandwan, and stitching a card with her feet at the same time.

Guest Post: A Trip to Anandwan and Hemalkasa (Part 2)

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This is a guest post by Chitra and the Final Part of the series. Click for Part One.  All pictures are owned by Chitra.

It was midnight when our bus reached the gates of Hemalkasa. A group of people were visible in the shed located in a corner. It seemed like they had made a temporary shelter of this place.

As it was very late we were taken to the guest house. It was a simple and clean building with basic amenities for few human beings to stay peacefully. After a delicious free dinner we were taken to the auditorium where a short film on how “Hemalkasa – Lokbiradri Prakalp” came into existence was shown. A quick bath and our group of 20 tired people were in deep sleep that night peacefully absorbing the silence of the forest surrounding the place. A silence that is unknown to the city life.

Report on Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Anandwan

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“Give them a chance, not charity.” – Baba Amte

My Journey to Anandwan

On January 6th, 2009, I boarded Azad Hind Express from Pune Station, heading towards Nagpur. The 15-hour long journey was quite interesting. I was sharing my 3-tier AC compartment with two flirtatious marketing people; a woman and her boss. They looked like they were in their 30’s and both were married (not to each other). From their conversation and the way they were acting, I suspected there was something going on between them. They were apparently returning from a meeting in Pune and often travelled together.