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Thursday Challenge – “Best of 2012”

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We are pleased to take part in the weekly Thursday Challenge series organized by A picture related to a new theme announced each week will be posted here. Today’s theme is the “Best of 2012”.

The picture below defines 2012 for us. We came across this rickety foot bridge en route to Thanamir, which is the last village in India before the Myanmar (Burma) border, in the northeastern state of Nagaland. Thanamir is the base village for climbing Mt. Saramati – the highest peak of that state.

Picture of the Week #99

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Following a Hindu marriage, it is customary for the newly married couple to get blessings from their ancestral family deity by visiting their temple. After our marriage, we visited the temple of Tulja Bhavani, around which the town of Tuljapur has been built. Tuljapur is located in the state of Maharashtra in India.

There are many interesting cultural things and people to see in Tuljapur. Seen below is a member of the Gondhali community of Maharashtra in their traditional clothes.

They are known for …

Picture of the Week #90

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Blue skies and mountains – what more could an adventure seeker ask for? This highest hill-fort in the western Indian state of Maharashtra offers views that will captivate the imagination. It also allows trekkers a chance to imagine one of the fiercest battles in Indian history that was fought here in the 17th century.