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Mississauga News 2011 Photo Contest Submissions

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Mississauga News recently invited everyone to submit their favourite photos for their 2011 annual photo contest. The photos had to be anything captured in the City of Mississauga – community events, landscapes, seasons, parks, pets and wildlife.

Up to five photographs could be submitted for the contest. I submitted the following five, which featured landscapes and Lake Ontario wildlife seen from some of Mississauga’s finest parks.

Which one out of the five do you like?

Seagulls over Lake Ontario as seen from Mississauga’s Jack Darling Memorial Park.

Picture of the Week #100 – Series Conclusion!

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We clicked this at Lake Ontario’s Port Credit near Toronto on an early summer evening. We’re not sure what kind of bird this is, but it, along with many others, were seemingly practicing to “hover” in mid-air and then flying off with a whirr.

This photo and the others below are the best we could find to conclude the almost 2-year long Picture-of-the-Week series, particularly because they epitomize us. The birds showcase Bharari!

Picture of the Week #99

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Following a Hindu marriage, it is customary for the newly married couple to get blessings from their ancestral family deity by visiting their temple. After our marriage, we visited the temple of Tulja Bhavani, around which the town of Tuljapur has been built. Tuljapur is located in the state of Maharashtra in India.

There are many interesting cultural things and people to see in Tuljapur. Seen below is a member of the Gondhali community of Maharashtra in their traditional clothes.

They are known for …