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Nagaland – Adventures in the Land of Nagas – Obtaining ILP (Part 2)

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Exploring Nagaland was like unfolding secret pages of India’s treasure book. It felt like going back ages & watching a live museum in the era of hunting and farming. It was a real discovery of breathtaking and untouched natural beauty, a preview of hidden and unknown Indian traditions, supreme quality of people and their hospitality.

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Only two things can change such situations-  Attitude OR strict observance of the law.

Only two things can change such situations- Attitude OR strict observance of the law.

Next day, early morning we reached Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) office and applied for an Inner Line Permit (ILP). The officer in there was asking Neeraj and Harsha about our Mt. Saramati trek plan. Listening to their conversation, person standing beside them gave them a phone number of one person from Kiphire district who was going to arrange a trek to Mt. Saramati. So nice of him!

Video: Idle No More @ Canadian Museum of Civilization


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We were in the Canadian Capital, Ottawa in the province of Ontario, earlier this month and had the opportunity to visit the Canadian Museum of Civilization, which is just a 10-15 minutes drive from the Parliament Hall but on the Quebec side.

As we were visiting the various exhibits on the Aboriginal peoples of Canada, I heard some interesting sounds, which sounded like a performance.  I followed the sound to what turned out to be a very peaceful protest organized by members of the Idle No More movement.  I had been reading about this for quite some time, but this was the first time I actually witnessed it.

Idle No More is a protest movement by the Aboriginal peoples of Canada.  It has risen out of abuses of indigenous treaty rights by the incumbent Conservative government. It seems the government only celebrates Aboriginal peoples culture within the confines of museum walls.

G-20 Summit in Toronto – Part 6

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This photo essay is part of a special Photo Journalism series covering the events leading up to and of the G-20 Summit hosted by Toronto in June 2010.

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So finally today, I caught some live G-20 action! There was a big protest on Queen St. and Bay St. They were protesting for the aboriginal community of Canada that is largely ignored by the government, and live in poverty on their own native land.

Poor education and unemployment are trademarks of Native reserves. It’s disheartening how the first peoples of this land live like refugees in their own house.

I got in the middle of all the action and took pictures like a true freelance photographer – it was fun! I saw first hand what a peaceful protest can accomplish – positive media coverage and increased public awareness.
I was walking around on Queen St. when I saw this...

I was walking around on Queen St. when I saw this…