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Guest Post: A Week in Geneva – Land of Snow, Cheese, Chocolates and Angels in Disguise

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This is a guest post by Chitra. All pictures are owned by Chitra.

It came as a surprise when my company offered a trip to my friend and me all the way to Geneva for a week. It was to present the various activities we do for the good of society in a town-hall being organized there.

Streets of Geneva, Switzerland (Photo Credit: Chitra)

Streets of Geneva, Switzerland (Photo Credit: Chitra)

The Swiss airways flight was from Mumbai to Zurich and then from Zurich to Geneva. It was the month of February and we were already warned of the cold weather there. The flight was about to land at the Geneva airport when I caught a glimpse of the majestic view outside. The mountains were illuminated by the glittering snow and the land down had all shades of green which were well organised into different sizes of various square shapes. And at that instance I knew what to expect from the beautiful land.