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Nagaland – Adventures in the Land of Nagas (Part 1)

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Exploring Nagaland was like unfolding secret pages of India’s treasure book. It felt like going back ages & watching a live museum in the era of hunting and farming. It was a real discovery of breathtaking and untouched natural beauty, a preview of hidden and unknown Indian traditions, supreme quality of people and their hospitality.

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And the adventure begins now...

And the adventure begins now…

It’s a story of travel… a story of memories… a story of adventure and a story of great people. Fifteen unforgettable days of experiences, shocks, surprises and thrills. They are not soldiers, they are not sports champions, they are not social workers, they are not big, fat, wealthy or rich. They are just common people with uncommon qualities. They are “Nagas”, people with great hearts. The hospitality which we experienced was out of this world. I have never seen so kind and generous people in my life till the time we visited one of the most beautiful states in India, Nagaland – the Land of Nagas.

Guest Post: A Trip to Anandwan and Hemalkasa (Part 2)

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This is a guest post by Chitra and the Final Part of the series. Click for Part One.  All pictures are owned by Chitra.

It was midnight when our bus reached the gates of Hemalkasa. A group of people were visible in the shed located in a corner. It seemed like they had made a temporary shelter of this place.

As it was very late we were taken to the guest house. It was a simple and clean building with basic amenities for few human beings to stay peacefully. After a delicious free dinner we were taken to the auditorium where a short film on how “Hemalkasa – Lokbiradri Prakalp” came into existence was shown. A quick bath and our group of 20 tired people were in deep sleep that night peacefully absorbing the silence of the forest surrounding the place. A silence that is unknown to the city life.

Video: Assamese Tribal Dances

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I was fortunate enough to see the Madia-Gond tribal students of Lok Biradari Prakalp school in Hemalkasa perform Assamese tribal dances.

Lok Biradari Prakalp (People’s Brotherhood Project), a project started by late Baba Amte was adopted by his youngest son, Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife, Dr. Mandakini Amte (recipients of Maysaysay Award – 2008) for the welfare of Maharashtra’s Madia-Gond tribal people in Maharashtra’s remote Gadchiroli district.