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Thursday Challenge – “Best of 2012”

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We are pleased to take part in the weekly Thursday Challenge series organized by A picture related to a new theme announced each week will be posted here. Today’s theme is the “Best of 2012”.

The picture below defines 2012 for us. We came across this rickety foot bridge en route to Thanamir, which is the last village in India before the Myanmar (Burma) border, in the northeastern state of Nagaland. Thanamir is the base village for climbing Mt. Saramati – the highest peak of that state.

Although the picture below was taken during the day time, we first encountered this bridge in the dead of night! Locals use this bridge to cross a river that flows through a valley. We will write more on these adventures in our “Northeastern Chronicles” series – coming soon!


Rickety bridge en route Thanamir village in Nagaland, India

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Posted by:Bhakti and Neerajon February 07, 2013

4 Comments to: “Thursday Challenge – “Best of 2012””

  1. Fabulous photo, Neeraj, that gives me sweaty palms just looking at it. Did you actually walk across on this?

    • Yep, I did! We actually walked across at night the first time (couldn’t take any pictures as it was too dark)… also came across 2 snakes en route to this bridge!

  2. Scary looking bridge. 🙂

    I had seen a similar footbridge in Nepal. You can take a look at the pictures here :

  3. A very nice photo!
    new challenge welcome…


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