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Video: Emerald Lake Hiking, Yoho National Park

No trip in the Canadian Rockies is complete without seeing the Emerald Lake – a true jewel in the Rockies, which is less than a 10-min drive from the picturesque town of Field in British Columbia within Yoho National Park.

The video below was taken during an easy 5-km hike around the emerald-coloured lake that offers awesome panoramic views of the lake and mountains around it.

Bhakti and I both enjoyed hiking the Emerald Lake Circuit and highly recommend it for anyone planning to visit the area. However, I think I enjoyed it a bit more than Bhakti did.

The circuit is through “bear country” and we started our hike late in the afternoon when there were hardly any other people around us. Half way into the hike her brain started to play mind games with her as every log started to look like a bear waiting in ambush for its next meal! Although I was also getting these hallucinations, she was much more paranoid than I was.

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